Rethinking the LAPD

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The alternative newspaper LA Weekly is a traditional critic of all things pertaining to the Los Angeles Police Department. So the tenor of this week-s LAPD edition is thoroughly surprising. Saying that -it-s time to cease and desist- from attacks on the LAPD, the Weekly calls for greater understanding of the challenge faced by officers and a rethinking of the -knee-jerk notion that the LAPD is an impenetrable, monolithic block of stubbornness and hubris.- We hear more about this in-depth investigative report, a kind of second look at one of LA-s most important institutions, from coordinating editor Marc Cooper, a freelance journalist who has written about social issues in LA, and a former assistant chief of the LAPD.
  • Newsmaker: California Election Day Conundrum
    Traditionally, as election day draws closer, more voters make up their minds. In this year-s race for Governor, the reverse is true. Mark DiCamillo, Director of the Field Poll, explains the odd trend, attitudes about the direction of California politics and the remarkable increase in -undecided- voters. He also offers some surprising data on the hypothetical and/or write-in candidacy of former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Boyle Heights, the Ellis Island of the West Coast
    Through the years, Boyle Heights has been called a West Coast Ellis Island, inhabited, in turn, by Jews, Japanese, Mexicans, and Italians. It also has a substantial population of African Americans. This Sunday, the Japanese American National Museum mounts -Boyle Heights: the Power of Place.- Associate Curator Sojin Kim elaborates on the photographs, artifacts and letters that make up the multi-cultural exhibit.



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