Riordan Announces Candidacy for Governor

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Three men have now formally announced their candidacies for the Republican nomination for Governor. Former two-term Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan is fed up with the vacuum of leadership in the state. Two-term Secretary of State Bill Jones vows to avoid crisis management. LA businessman and former US attorney Bill Simon is staking his reputation as a consensus builder. One of them will challenge Democratic incumbent Gray Davis. How will each appeal to Republicans in the March 2001 primary? What will they have to say to the majority of California voters, who are Democrats and Independents?
  • Newsmaker: Sara Jane Olson, Are You Guilty? - A superior court judge has agreed to accept the guilty plea of Sara Jane Olson. The former Symbionese Liberation Army member is now at the mercy of the parole board for aiding and abetting a 1975 attempt to blow up police cars. The Los Angeles Daily Journal's Gary Abrams has more on the deal many defense attorneys have called "unconscionable."

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