Sara Jane Olson Plea; California Bridge Threats

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The defendant pleaded guilty but said she didn't commit the crime, a claim that's given new life to the case of a former Symbionese Liberation Army member. A Los Angeles judge says he'll review the case of Sara Jane Olson, accused of trying to blow up two LA police cars 26 years ago. After pleading guilty yesterday, Olson claimed the events of September 11 would deny her a fair trial. We hear more about the plea, the judge's review, and the reason for prosecuting the case so many years after the face from a journalist folloing the trial, Olson's co-counsel and the head of the police union.
  • Newsmaker: Terrorist Threat to California Bridges - Governor Davis and the FBI have received "unsubstantiated but credible" threats to four California bridges. Traffic is still flowing across the LA, San Diego and San Francisco spans, which are all under guard. We get three perspectives on this latest threat. Journalist Brian Bland has more on the contradictions and consequences of this morning's announcement. UCLA psychiatric trauma specialist Scott Saunders acknowledges the disturbing but desensitizing affect of such threats. Terrorist expert relates how carrying on a "normal life" can be an act of defiance.

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