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Dr. Ruben Zacarias: Superintendent of Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District David Tokofsky: Member of the LAUSD Board of Education, representing the 5th district. Formerly a teacher at Marshall High School in Los Angeles Bob Bilovsky: Principal of Murchison Elementary School- a fourth year LEARN school on the "Worst 100" list- for the past seven years. He began as an elementary school teacher in the district 25 years ago. Dr. Maria Santos: Associate Superintendent for Curriculum Improvement and Professional Development, San Francisco Unified School District. Her professional development program has won awards from the U.S. Department of Education. Jon Perez: Vice President of the United Teachers of Los Angeles. Previously taught at Roosevelt High School for 25 years. Chester E. Finn, Jr.: President of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation; and the John M. Olin Fellow at the Hudson Institute, where he co-chairs the Educational Excellence Network and directs the project on "Charter Schools in Action." He is on leave from Vanderbilt University, where he has been professor of education and public policy since 1981. He is also the author of ten books and more than 200 articles on education policy. Mike Roos: President and CEO of LEARN. Former state Legislator Dr. Al Mijares: Superintendent of Santa Ana Unified School District. Dr. Eugene Garcia: Dean of Berkeley's School for Education, Chair of the U.C. Latino Eligibility Task Force.

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