County Supervisors Debate: Kuehl and Shriver

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Here in our KCRW studios are the two candidates in next month’s runoff election for Zev Yaroslavsky’s seat on the LA County Board of Supervisors. He has termed out after 20 years as one of America’s most powerful local elected officials. The Board has just 5 members, who oversee a budget of $26 billion with 30 departments providing services including tax collection, health care, child welfare, fire control, beach safety and animal welfare. The 3rd District includes much of Los Angeles on both sides of the Santa Monica Mountains, 10 other cities and many square miles of unincorporated area.

The candidates who survived the June primary are Sheila Kuehl, who spent 14 years as a state legislator in Sacramento, and Bobby Shriver, Santa Monica City Councilman for 8 years, including a term as Mayor. This one of a few debates they’ll have between now and November 4th, when voters to the polls.




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