Shooting in Urban Areas

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After midnight on Mother's Day, Winston Hayes was driving his SUV around the neighborhood where he grew up in Compton. Sheriff-s deputies, responding to a call about gunfire, started to chase him. Neighbors say Hayes was playing "cat and mouse," slowing down and then speeding up, until patrol cars blocked his way and he drove up onto a lawn. Ten deputies fired 120 shots, wounding Hayes in the toe, finger and shoulder. One deputy also was hit, but Hayes was unarmed. The Sheriff's Department says it could be a case of "contagious fire." Residents of nine homes that were hit by bullets are calling it "crazy." We hear from Compton City officials, the Sheriff and the Department-s special monitor.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Why Voters Should Care
    With the likely turn-out for next week-s election at 28%, Cable Channel LA 36 is trying to drum up interest. At every station break on the hour and half-hour, Ken Bernstein of the LA Conservancy narrates a ninety-second video explaining why voters should care about the race for Mayor of Los Angeles.



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