South Gate Power Plant

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Sufficient energy supplies and tough environmental regulations have prevented a new power plant from being built in Los Angeles for years. Now California's in the midst of a new energy crunch and technology has warmed even environmentalists to the idea of a state-of-the-art proposal for South Gate, which the Air Quality Management District calls among the most polluted neighborhoods in the whole LA basin. To weigh support and opposition to the proposed plant are LA Weekly writer Sara Catania; South Gate City Council members on both sides of the issue; founder of the LA-based Sunlaw Energy Partners, which wants to build the plant; the Executive Director of the LA-based nonprofit Coalition for Clean Air; and Chairman of the California Energy Commission.
  • Newsmaker: Opening statements have been made in the case of the first four LAPD officers to be tried in connection with the Rampart scandal. Ann Lajuenesse, criminal courts reporter for the Los Angeles Daily Journal, reviews the first day of the trial.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Yesterday the bus driver's union turned down what the MTA called its "last best offer". The MTA threatened to go over union leaders' heads and send the details directly to the members. John Barton, Organizing Director of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, talks about the tough tactics by both sides in the MTA strike.



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