The Dem Convention and a <I>Strange Hysteria</I>

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Why do big cities want to host presidential nominating conventions? They're good for business and a lot of great parties. Beyond that, LA wanted to showcase diversity and economic recovery, while reminding both politicians and pundits that this is America's 21st-Century gateway to the rest of the world. Mayor Riordan even promised it was going to be free. But now, just a few weeks before D-for-Democrats day, the city is gripped by what LA Times columnist Shawn Hubler calls a "strange hysteria." Guaranteed political speech is portrayed as a guaranteed riot. Instead of opening to new customers, savvy businesses are being told to put plywood over the windows. And--it's not going to be free after all. Today, we'll ask elected officials, cops, protesters and business people if the city that said it could is really the city that can't.
On Reporter's Notebook, LAUSD's departing Chief Operating Officer looks at the future of desk space and bathrooms in the district. On the Newsmaker segment, the thousands of earthquake victims left behind in the scandal over the former state Insurance Commissioner.



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