The New Narrative in LA Literature

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Los Angeles was once the end of the road west, dark with corruption and sometimes even apocalyptic. Now an "Ellis Island" of staggering diversity, LA has bred a parallel literary universe that embodies the confirmation and reflection of the immigrant experience. Small presses searching for fresh perspectives give voice to these literary apprentices that often go on to win national recognition. We take a look at LA's new literature with LA Times book critic Steve Wasserman, author Hector Tobar, and poet Eloise Klein Healy who chairs the MFA program in creative writing at Antioch University.
  • Newsmaker: State's Bond Rating Downgraded - Despite its prosperity, California has never regained the AAA credit rating it lost years ago. Now Standard & Poor's has dropped it from AA to A+. State Treasurer Phil Angelides faults the devastating cost of energy deregulation for putting state programs in jeopardy, and warns that California may soon confront greedy energy producers.

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