The Rampart Verdict

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Three of four LAPD Rampart Division officers have been convicted. The verdict is good news for the district attorney, but the defense promises to appeal. We hear more from an award-winning AP reporter covering the trail, Loyola Law Professor Laurie Levenson, attorney Barry Levin who is representing LAPD Sgt. Ortiz, Vice President of the LA Police Commision and President of the LA Police Protective League.
  • Newsmaker: In Florida, the State Supreme Court has denied a request by Secretary of State Kathryn Harris to stop the manual recounts in several counties. Justin Brown, Washington, DC reporter for the Christian Science Monitor joins us from West Palm Beach to discuss this apparent victory for the Gore campaign.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The grocery business is a hot topic at Los Angeles City Hall. The city council is considering a new ordinance that would keep groceries off the shelves of the superstores like Wal Mart. Kristen Muller reports from the San Fernando Valley.



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