Has Jessica’s Law Kept California Children Any Safer?

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Last year, 70% of California voters approved Jessica’s Law—a measure designed to crack down on sexual predators.  It prohibits paroled offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or a park used by children.  It requires that parolees wear GPS monitors for the rest of their lives. But local officials say the residency requirement is so tough that parolees can’t find places to live and that the GPS monitors are too expensive.  Governor Schwarzenegger created the Sex Offender Management Board

to study the problems, and it held hearings last week in San Francisco, Bakersfield and San Bernardino.



  • Tom Tobin - Vice-Chair of the California Sex Offender Management Board
  • George Runner - California State Board of Equalization
  • Ernest Galvan - Attorney in private practice in San Francisco


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