The View from Iraq: Invasion, War, Aftermath

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Today, British Prime Minister Tony Blair failed to persuade French President Jacques Chirac of the need for military action against Iraq. Tomorrow, US Secretary of State Colin Powell is promising -compelling evidence- that Saddam Hussein has breached Security Council resolutions. The massive buildup and statements by President Bush, as well as Saddam Hussein and other Iraqi leaders, make war sound all but inevitable. Do Iraqis, the war-s likely -collateral- targets, doubt that President Bush will make good on his threats? Do they want to see the last of Saddam Hussein? Have they been lulled into a false sense of security? We hear from Baghdad and speak with Iraqi human rights advocates and journalists about what they hear from friends and relatives back home. (This segment is an abbreviated edition of To the Point, broadcast earlier today.)
  • Making News: Whistle-Blower Breaks Gun Industry Code of Silence
    For the first time, a senior official in the gun industry has turned whistle-blower. Robert Ricker says gun manufacturers have long known that some of their dealers sell guns to criminals, but pressure each other into silence for fear of legal liability. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Fox Butterfield, who reported the story in today-s New York Times, has more on the pending lawsuits as well as NRA pressure on industry not to settle.

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