The Whistleblower Who Wants Sheriff Baca's Job

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For 80 years, no LA Sheriff has been replaced by an election. The County is so big that no challenger can beat the one listed on the ballot as the "incumbent." But current Sheriff Lee Baca is now tarnished by scandal, and so is his best-known opponent, former undersheriff and Mayor of Gardena, Paul Tanaka. We hear about the dark horse who blew the whistle, Bob Olmsted. Also, LA County: the nation's capital of undocumented workers is also the capitol of immigration fraud.

167x120 image for nx121114obama_press_conferenOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama has announced changes in the Affordable Care Act so he can keep his promise to people who like their current health insurance policies.  Will trying to restore his credibility do lasting damage to what he calls his major achievement?