UCLA Library Buys Susan Sontag's Papers

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In a great research coup for Los Angeles, Susan Sontag has sold her literary archives to the library at UCLA. Sontag is one of America's literary lions, and an international figure. Her most recent books are In America, which won a National Book Award for fiction in 2000, and Where the Stress Falls, a collection of essays published last year. Sontag also won a Jerusalem Prize in 2001 for her body of work, an honor considered second only to the Nobel Prize in literary prestige. In a rare broadcast interview, Sontag shares her views on current events and her writing, and explains why she chose to leave her papers and books in Southern California.
  • Newsmaker: Memo Details Cheney-Enron Links
    The General Accounting Office is suing the Bush White House to get details of Vice President Cheney's energy policy meetings. Cheney claims that confidentiality is crucial to getting candid advice. Meantime, the San Francisco Chronicle reports on a memo from then Enron CEO Kenneth Lay to Cheney when California officials were accusing Enron of price gouging. David Lazarus is the Chronicle's business columnist.



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