UN Call to Duty for Afghans in California

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Fleeing decades of civil war and the harsh rule of Muslim fundamentalists, tens of thousands of Afghans migrated to California. Now, as the United Nations tries to broker a new government for their country, it's appealing to Afghan immigrants to give up the good life in California to help rebuild their homeland. We hear that UN call to doctors, business people, teachers and other professionals to lend their skills, and the response from three Afghan ex-patriot leaders.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Survey Says Economy, Terrorism Replace Power Crisis as Top California Concern - Californians have been shaken by the events of September 11, but they still have a positive outlook when it comes to the future. Mark Baldassare, director of the Statewide Survey for the Public Policy Institute of California, says that the economic effects of terrorism have replaced education and energy as the number one concern of Californians.

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