What's Up With Air Travel?

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Deregulation has brought no-frills airlines everyone could afford, and the big carriers have cut prices and service just to stay in business. Now, there's no leg-space, no elbow-room and no place for carry-on luggage. The food's no good and attendants don't have time to serve it before you land. Adding to passenger outrage, there were more flight delays last month than ever before, and complaints to the Department of Transportation are at an all time high. With vacation season in full swing, this month could be the worst yet. Airlines, traffic controllers, airport managers and federal regulators are blaming each other-and a spate of especially bad weather. Is there any relief in sight?
Newsmaker: Peru's President Alberto Fujimori has been sworn in for a third 5-year term-before an audience of heavily armed soldiers who later engaged in pitched street battles with anti-government demonstrators. We look at the historical perspective.
Reporter's Notebook: Since the federal court decision to shut down Napster, web sites offering similar services have been deluged with "hits." We'll talk to Angry Coffee, one of many web sites hoping to be the next Napster.



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