When is a Tsunami Not a Tsunami?

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The answer is... last night, when a magnitude 7 earthquake in the ocean off Crescent City gave California's coastal communities a test of the warning system all the way to the Mexican border. Last night's warning turned out to be a false alarm, but it caused a lot of confusion on the coast of California. In 1964, an earthquake in the same area caused a tsunami that killed 11 people and washed away 29 city blocks. We speak with geologists and emergency responders about what worked and what didn't, and learn what a real tsunami might mean in Southern California.
  • Making News: Medical Marijuana Amendment Rejected
    The US Supreme Court ruled that only the Congress could protect medical marijuana smokers from federal prosecution in states like California where the practice is legal under state law. Today Congress rejected an amendment to a criminal justice bill that would have blocked federal action here and in nine other states. Josh Richman, who reports for the Oakland Tribune, has details.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Jackson Is Back with the Lakers
    A lot of sports writers said it would never happen, especially after former Lakers Coach Phil Jackson trashed the team's only remaining super-star, Kobe Bryant. But, with a salary of $30 million for three years, Jackson is back. Can Bryant and Jackson work together after all? We get an answer from Mike Bresnahan, who covers sports for the LA Times.

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