LA Chefs Fighting Hunger and Poverty All Year Round

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So many people want to feed LA's homeless that shelters ask volunteers to sign up in advance during Thanksgiving week. But some local restaurants have launched programs that last year ‘round. Tender Greens and the Sustainable Life Project run a three-month internship for foster children who might never have been employed. It ranges from using a knife in the kitchen to farming.  KCRW Producer Evan George reports that, if they stick with it, Tender Greens guarantees a job. (Since Evan reported on this program for KCRW's Good Food earlier this year, a new class of six students has graduated and four are working for Tender Greens. The next class stars in January.)

Roy Choi, the chef behind the Kogi food trucks, has teamed up with South LA high school students for his latest restaurant concept, 3 Worlds Café, on Central Avenue. We talk with Choi about giving poor kids experience in the food industry.




Warren Olney