Allison Connelly

University of Kentucky


Professor of law at the University of Kentucky and director of its legal clinic 

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A standoff over gay marriage in Kentucky has kicked up a notch.

Kentucky County Clerk Defies Marriage Law

A standoff over gay marriage in Kentucky has kicked up a notch.

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The LA City Council voted Wednesday to   slash $150 million   from the Los Angeles Police Department’s budget.

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Oliver Stone and Maj. Danny Sjursen frame their nation’s past and present in the context of the imperialist U.S. wars that stole their youth.

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President Trump’s announcement of a drawdown of American forces from Germany caught German leaders, NATO, and the U.S. Congress by surprise.

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John C. Fremont was instrumental in California becoming a state. He was one of the first two senators. He was the first Republican candidate for president in 1856.

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If the federal government won’t fix the U-S Constitution, California ought to write its own.

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