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Professor of law at the University of Kentucky and director of its legal clinic 

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A standoff over gay marriage in Kentucky has kicked up a notch.

Kentucky County Clerk Defies Marriage Law

A standoff over gay marriage in Kentucky has kicked up a notch.

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Joe Biden is in.

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This week, we moved a lot closer to a court challenge that could significantly reduce or eliminate constitutional protections for abortion rights.

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There’s still much to discuss.

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Before President Trump comes to Los Angeles on a fundraising trip, he's stopping in the city of Calexico to see the US-Mexico border.  There, the president plans to commemorate what…

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Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is running for the Democratic nomination for president.

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Partisanship is more powerful than science, even for conservative environmentalists. They don’t buy warnings about an existential crisis.

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It’s a special live Left, Right & Center recorded at UC Santa Barbara.

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After finding herself abandoned by society after leaving prison, Susan Burton became the aid she and so many others in her position needed.

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Get ready for more debate about health insurance as Trump runs for re-election. Democratic hopefuls are debating reforms while Republicans accuse them of “socialized medicine.”

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