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Author of essays, stories, and poems 

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A conversation with the author and Emily Goldman of Ooligan Press.

Allison Green: The Ghosts Who Travel with Me

A conversation with the author and Emily Goldman of Ooligan Press.

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What is it about the night, about what happens in the darkness, when most people are asleep?

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Children’s theatre is tricky business. It’s a bit like cooking for kids. The easy way out is all sugary sweets.

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The title is “Hail Satan?”—but with a question mark at the end and it may look like a mockumentary, but it’s not.

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This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot, I follow a chain, from some really bad advice, to jail, and then all the way to an Emmy.

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Edward Goldman talks about soul-searching exhibitions by two Los Angeles artists, Don Bachardy and Kenzi Shiokava.

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Since the Notre Dame fire, many large corporations and philanthropic French families have made hefty donations to the cathedral’s restoration.

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Do you think this is a good world?

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Netflix is possibly buying a famous Hollywood movie theater and publishing an awards magazine. Why is the streamer investing in physical buildings and paper?

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Just two days after the shocking fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, the French government announced an international competition to redesign the spire.

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