Allison Marsh

University of South Carolina


Professor Marsh teaches undergraduate surveys of modern US history, public history, and the history of science and technology. She also supervises the museum studies tract of the Masters in Public History, leading graduate seminars in material culture and museum theory. Her current book project, The Ultimate Vacation: Watching Other People Work, traces the history of factory tours in America from 1890-1940. Dr. Marsh is currently working with the McKissick Museum on campus to develop several new exhibits. She is also working with the South Carolina Fall Line Consortium on the exhibit From the Pee Dee to the Savannah: Enduring Legacies of South Carolina’s Fall Line Region, which will open at the State Museum in September 2009.

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The Smithsonian is often described as America’s attic -- the place where we store all sorts of historical items and ephemera.

Smithsonian’s Orphans

The Smithsonian is often described as America’s attic -- the place where we store all sorts of historical items and ephemera.

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