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Resident of Watertown, Massachusetts

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Dramatic and tragic events continue to unfold in Boston last night and today.

Boston Shut Down for Manhunt

Dramatic and tragic events continue to unfold in Boston last night and today.

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But will they hold him in contempt of Congress?

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Instagram is experimenting with hiding likes for accounts in Canada. Some people are concerned this will change the experience and community on Instagram.

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Oil sanctions for Venezuela and aid cuts to Central America:   Trump claims they promote democracy and curb illegal immigration.

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Presidential candidate and US Senator Kamala Harris stopped in Los Angeles on Sunday to speak at Southwest College in South LA.

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How’s President Trump’s legal strategy working out?

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Even the Wild West had gun control. Most Americans want it now--especially kids afraid of school shootings.

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What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. It’s not just glacial melting and rising seas, but rising temperatures mean trouble for plants and animals.

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Get ready for more debate about health insurance as Trump runs for re-election. Democratic hopefuls are debating reforms while Republicans accuse them of “socialized medicine.”

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In a bold statement, a leading dean of journalism argues that in abandoning Julian Assange, the mainstream media have abandoned the First Amendment.

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