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Screenwriter who sold pitches Squeezed to Disney and Tour de Frank to Universal

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The Most Expensive Movie Ever Made?; Pitch vs Spec

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The friendship between director Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi creates space for authenticity and discovery in “The Chef Show.”

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Ari Benjamin Meyers' Kunsthalle for Music exhibit explores the museum space as an interactive performance venue.

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This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot I remember a few weeks ago, when videos of unidentified aerial phenomena surfaced, and the Navy said, yeah, those were UFOs, and then we…

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The best style is truly timeless.

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Todd Phillips' super-villain origin story 'Joker' already won top prize at Venice. But now there are fears the dark and violent movie could incite actual violence.

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For the first time in quite a while, broadcast TV looks to be offering up some promising new shows. Mike and Joe discuss what's caught their eye so far.

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Marvel's Kevin Feige has stuck his nose into the Star Wars tent. The Marvel mega-producer will work on at least one Star Wars movie in the coming years.

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Between his film and stage work, director Rupert Goold has often been attracted to material focusing on protagonists caught between the real world and a truth of their own making.

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What’s the difference between a dramatic story and a play? That’s the question that nervously filled my mind with the first words of “How the light gets in” at Boston Court.

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