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Buenos Aires-based correspondent for Reuters, reporting on Latin American Affairs

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Marijuana use has been legal in Uruguay since 1974.

Uruguay Opts Out of the War on Drugs

Marijuana use has been legal in Uruguay since 1974.

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Feelings of loneliness and depression have intensified during the pandemic, and not seeing any end to COVID-19 adds to the anxiety.

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Publicly-funded media models make a lot of Americans nervous, but Victor Pickard argues it may be the only way to repair our tattered democracy.

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Governor Gavin Newsom has a big decision to make: picking a replacement for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the U.S. Senate.

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On Sunday, Nov. 8, about 200 Trump supporters lined up on Santa Monica Blvd., protesting that the Democratic party stole the presidential election from Donald Trump.

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The 605 Corridor Improvement Project aims to add new lanes and exit ramps along the 605 freeway and a stretch of the 5 freeway in southeastern LA County.

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This morning, Jackie Lacey conceded to former George Gascón in the race for Los Angeles County’s next district attorney.

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Dennis Kucinich, former Ohio congressman and mayor of Cleveland, weighs in on what the Democratic Party keeps getting wrong.

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