Bart Reed


Executive Director of the nonprofit Transit Coalition

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"Short-term pain means long-term gain."

LA Prepares for the Mother of All Traffic Jams

"Short-term pain means long-term gain."

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According to hundreds of text messages leaked to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros.

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Canadian show “Workin’ Moms” gained attention in the U.S. after Netflix picked it up. Now in its third season, the show follows four women and their lives after giving birth.

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Human civilization is threatened by climate change. But it also needs the energy from fossil fuels that now emit greenhouse gases.

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Maybe you’ve heard of James Hart Stern, the black man who took over the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group.

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And minutes later, he’s indicted — this time, by the state of New York.

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British actress Emma Thompson has walked away from a job at Skydance Media over its hiring of John Lassetter.

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Facebook has about 15,000 content reviewers who are responsible for removing graphic violence, hate speech and images of child abuse from our feeds.

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A Boeing plane crashed minutes after taking off in Ethiopia this weekend. All 157 people onboard died in the crash.

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