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Cooing over a Deal with Dove; What's a First AD?

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Nashville country songstress Margo Price hits KCRW HQ with humor, heartache, and song highlights from her new LP “Strays.”

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April is National Poetry Month. California’s 10th poet laureate talks about why the state is an ideal place for poetry and what made him who he is today.

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A group of doulas with the Los Angeles Abortion Support Collective are organizing to protect abortion access as states respond to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

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Artists, explorers, and scientists are recording audio of Antarctica sea ice melting, hoping the sounds help people sympathize with the environmental crisis.

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Director Allen Hughes discusses his five-part FX documentary series “Dear Mama: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur,” his relationship with the late rapper, and why examining the life…

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Director Brooklyn Sudano on Donna Summer’s career, writer Aidan Levy on Sonny Rollins, and Hollywood chronicler Sam Wasson talks Tom Waits.

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“Wild Life” directors Jimmy Chin and his wife Chai Vasarhelyi discuss mortality, making the film, and its uncanny parallels with their own lives.

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The Business breaks down media’s week of upheaval, including the NBCUniversal scandal, Disney vs. DeSantis, Fox firing Tucker Carlson, and looming strikes.

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Owen Wilson on embracing failure in “Paint,” “Extrapolations” writer Scott Z. Burns on art and climate change, and writer Abraham Josephine Riesman on hope in dystopia.

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