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Brad Heath is an investigative reporter for USA Today.

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Can a president keep his financial empire and run the country at the same time?

A culture of conflict of interest in Washington

Can a president keep his financial empire and run the country at the same time?

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Closing arguments began today in the trial against the three white men charged with murdering Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man, in Brunswick, Georgia.

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For the first time ever, more than 100,000 Americans died from a drug overdose in just one year , according to preliminary numbers released by the CDC this week.

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One in six veterinarians have contemplated suicide in 2020, says a report by the American Medical Veterinary Association.

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As the winter season approaches, LA County might be spared from another major COVID-19 spike.

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San Francisco is at times known for its rough-and-tumble approach to local politics. But now a more bruising political fight is playing out in the City by the Bay.

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It’s been two months since Carson residents started smelling rotten eggs and getting headaches.

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For the first time in the 68-year history of the California School for the Deaf in Riverside, their football team is one game away from capturing the division championship.

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Josh Barro, Liz Bruenig and Ross Douthat discuss the high rate of inflation, its political risk and what (if anything) the president can do about it.

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To use indoor restaurants in the City of LA, patrons must show proof of full COVID vaccination.

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