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The GOP replacement plan is on life support, again.

Obamacare repeal: Round five

The GOP replacement plan is on life support, again.

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Josh Barro & Ken White discuss the indictments unsealed today for the Trump Organization and its CFO.

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A staggering 81% of metropolitan regions across the nation have become more racially segregated since the 1990s, according to findings from UC Berkeley’s Othering and Belonging…

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The LA City Council is expected to approve a sweeping measure on Wednesday that would restrict homeless encampments around the city.

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As the country observes Independence Day, we’re exploring some of our national divisions and efforts to come together.

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The federal government is set to roll out new child tax credit payments as part of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

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CNN’s Ron Brownstein says LA was so creative with music, movies, and TV in the 1970s that it’s still shaping American politics today.

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Ken and Josh discuss Michael Avenatti’s decision to represent himself, the drama around Section 230, and the Tom Barrack indictment.

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LA County says the average daily COVID case rate and test positivity rate have doubled in the past week.

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Supervisor Kathryn Barger co-authored a motion with Supervisor Hilda Solis to create a blue-ribbon commission, saying the entire county needs to be brought to the table to study what’s…

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