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Reporter, California Watch


Money and politics reporter at California Watch, he also writes the affiliated Politics Verbatim blog

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The State Senate's Office of Oversight and Outcomes is asking an  interesting question .

Attorneys and Auditors with Guns and Body Armor

The State Senate's Office of Oversight and Outcomes is asking an interesting question .

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Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman Meet in the Last Debate

from Which Way, L.A.?

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Panelists discuss the current state of Russia’s war against Ukraine, how democracy is shifting across the globe, and the legacy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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A group of 14 unhoused veterans in Los Angeles have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the VA, alleging the federal agency is depriving them of housing.

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The Hollywood Forever cemetery held its annual Dia de los Muertos celebration on Saturday. The event features altars that must be built in 24 hours.

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As Congresswoman Karen Bass is officially announced as LA’s next mayor, the homelessness crisis here keeps growing, and Angelenos are losing trust in City Hall.

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About 10% of the water shuttled through the LA Aqueduct gets lost to evaporation. To stop it, LA DWP wants to cover some of those miles of water with solar panels.

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Decades ago, a legendary local soccer team called Hollywood United brought together expats from Europe, including rock musicians, movie actors, and even Milli Vanilli.

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Voting early, in person, by mail, or a dropbox are overseen by registrars. These officials are facing lies and conspiracies about voter fraud, plus safety threats.

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Though Disney+ has added 12 million subscribers, the company reports loss and weak Q4 profit outlook.

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It could take weeks to get official results of the midterms. KCRW looks at where candidates stand in key California House races, and the battles for LA’s next mayor and sheriff.

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