Christopher Pearson

Vermont General Assembly


Representative to the Vermont General Assembly; former staffer for Bernie Sanders

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US Senator and presidential candidate  Bernie Sanders  is nothing if not consistent.

What Fires Are Stoking "The Bern?"

US Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is nothing if not consistent.

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Michaels Cohen and Flynn are in the news this week.

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Disease has thrived among dense populations since cities began. But COVID-19 is the worst example since 1918, and New York City is America’s primary victim.

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And Joe Biden personally addresses a sexual assault allegation.

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Art workers are speaking out about anti-Asian racism and urging others to become allies. Some galleries are installing new exhibitions and taking visitors by appointment.

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The global COVID-19 outbreak has forced businesses to reevaluate how they operate, and it’s rekindled conversations around paid sick leave. Dr.

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As public health officials continue to encourage families to stay at home, some are weighing the risks and benefits of expanding their social circles.

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He did, apparently. Just not while posing for photographs.

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The series “ Decoding Covid-19 ” offers a hopeful account of the international cooperation that has stemmed from the unprecedented crisis.

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Cities nationwide have erupted in anguish and protest after police recently took the lives of African Americans: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and  Ahmaud Arbery.

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