Claude Knobler

Author of “More Love, Less Panic: 7 Lessons I Learned About Life, Love, and Parenting After We Adopted Our Son from Ethiopia.”


Claude Knobler’s essays have appeared in Parenting and on NPR’s “This I Believe,” as well as in one of the radio program’s literary anthologies, This I Believe: On Fatherhood, and in Worldwide Orphans Foundation founder Dr. Jane Aronson’s Carried in Our Hearts: The Gift of Adoption: Inspiring Stories of Families Created Across Continents alongside essays by Melissa Fay Greene, Mary-Louise Parker, Connie Britton and Shonda Rhimes.

Claude Knobler on KCRW

Parenting: It’s not just for parents anymore.

More Love, Less Panic

Parenting: It’s not just for parents anymore.

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