David T. Friendly

Producer, 'Big Momma's Like Father Like Son'


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Randy Newman's Oscar Run; White Producer of Urban Comedies

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Composer Terence Blanchard on the ‘magic and divine’ of working with Spike Lee.

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The hero of "Moffie" is a closeted gay conscript in the South Africa of 1981. In addition to the killing arts, he and his fellow draftees are trained in racism and homophobia.

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KCRW’s DJs and music staff tuned in all week to SXSW. Here are our favorite new acts to pay attention to in the year ahead.

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Older adults and essential workers are currently flooding COVID-19 vaccination sites.

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Versus films are a genre unto themselves. Now we have "Godzilla vs. Kong," an addition to the genre that isn't proud so much as inevitable. Or unavoidable.

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Director Nicholas Jarecki on the real life inspiration for his newest film ‘Crisis’

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KCRW checks in with artist Doug Aiken , who spoke with host Larry Perel near the start of the pandemic a year ago. The focus was making art during a time of uncertainty and reflection.

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When the Writers Guild went to war against the agencies two years ago, few thought the union would prevail.

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Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Klara and the Sun” is a novel focused on a small group of people in a robot future.

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