Deborah LaShever

activist with the homeless


Activist working with the homeless in Venice 

Deborah LaShever on KCRW

LA's homeless population has increased by 12% according to the  Homeless Services Authority .

LA City Hall Takes on the Homeless

LA's homeless population has increased by 12% according to the Homeless Services Authority .

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As Congresswoman Karen Bass is officially announced as LA’s next mayor, the homelessness crisis here keeps growing, and Angelenos are losing trust in City Hall.

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Two years after they fought for the right to live in vacant, state-owned houses in El Sereno, a group of activists are facing eviction. They hope to stay in the houses for good.

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A group of 14 unhoused veterans in Los Angeles have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the VA, alleging the federal agency is depriving them of housing.

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