Edward Goldberg

Adjunct Professor at New York University's Center for Global Affairs, as well as advisor to corporations and governments through the Annisa Group. He is the author of the forthcoming book “Why Globalization Works for America: How Nationalist Trade Policies Destroy Countries.”   

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A balanced look at George H.W.

Remembering George H.W. Bush

A balanced look at George H.W.

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What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. It’s not just glacial melting and rising seas, but rising temperatures mean trouble for plants and animals.

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Presidential candidate and US Senator Kamala Harris stopped in Los Angeles on Sunday to speak at Southwest College in South LA.

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Big Tech is a benefit to the modern world. But unlimited data collection may lead to unlimited power.

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In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered California to downsize its prisons because of overcrowding.

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Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen’s plan to revamp democracy and put capital in the hands of the people has one glaring blindspot.

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It’s a special live Left, Right & Center recorded at UC Santa Barbara.

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It’s a special live episode from USC Gould School of Law!

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Get ready for more debate about health insurance as Trump runs for re-election. Democratic hopefuls are debating reforms while Republicans accuse them of “socialized medicine.”

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Congress is investigating misconduct alleged by the Mueller report. White House lawyers are rejecting every subpoena.

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