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Blogger at What about Our Daughters? and founder of, to track the coverage of Mrs. Obama, and she is organizing the July, 2008 Blogging While Brown conference in Atlanta, Georgia

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In White House history, there's been more than one kind of First Lady.

Are Political Spouses 'Fair Game?'

In White House history, there's been more than one kind of First Lady.

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A last minute cease-fire in Syria; Mick Mulvaney confirms, then quickly denies a quid pro quo; and no one likes billionaires at the Democratic debate, not even the billionaire.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is speaking to reporters after meeting with the House Democratic caucus.

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For months, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resisted the mounting calls from her caucus to start impeachment proceedings.

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Google says its translation service can't replace human translators, but U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services tell officers it's the most efficient tool to vet refugees.

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Democrat Monique Limon announced she will run for Hannah Beth Jackson’s coveted state senate seat.

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The House of Representatives appears to be moving toward impeachment of President Trump.

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Despite mounting evidence, Republicans in the House and the Senate are defending President Trump or keeping their heads down. Veteran GOP conservatives accuse them of sacrificing morality for short-term political gain. Meantime the Trump Administration calls the impeachment inquiry “unconstitutional,” while legal scholars point out that it’s part of Article II. And how did Ukraine, an obscure former Soviet republic, become so important? Money.

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Students are cutting class, and workers are striking worldwide.   At the UN, governments will be held accountable for promises made in the Paris Accords.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom has approved more than 800 bills.

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