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Blogger at What about Our Daughters? and founder of, to track the coverage of Mrs. Obama, and she is organizing the July, 2008 Blogging While Brown conference in Atlanta, Georgia

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In White House history, there's been more than one kind of First Lady.

Are Political Spouses 'Fair Game?'

In White House history, there's been more than one kind of First Lady.

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The federal government may have to stand trial for violating the rights of young people.

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In a bold statement, a leading dean of journalism argues that in abandoning Julian Assange, the mainstream media have abandoned the First Amendment.

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All the White House hopefuls talk about Climate Change. But Democrat Jay Inslee says it’s not just one issue; it’s all the issues.

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America is politically polarized, and the US Supreme Court is also divided. In a few days, it will answer two questions. Will non-citizens be counted in the next census?

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How’s President Trump’s legal strategy working out?

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Instagram is experimenting with hiding likes for accounts in Canada. Some people are concerned this will change the experience and community on Instagram.

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The United Methodist Church is facing a possible split over the issue of same-sex marriage and LGBTQ clergy.

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Jet aircraft contribute 2% of all greenhouse gases--raising challenging questions.  Is there a moral obligation to travel less? What are the alternatives to going by plane?

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For the first time since 1972, California Democrats are positioned to make a difference. Fourteen candidates showed up for the party convention in San Francisco.

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