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LA exists thanks to imported water. But does it have to?

Can the Southland Become Water Self-Sufficient?

LA exists thanks to imported water. But does it have to?

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Puberty is starting younger and younger, especially estrogen-dominant puberty.

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This week on The Treatment, Elvis sits down with Diallo Riddle, co-creator and one of the stars of the series “Sherman’s Showcase” and “South Side.”

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While the WGA strike continues in the U.S., many writer-directors, actors were off promoting their films at Cannes. Did that weaken the WGA effort?

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“Tiny Beautiful Things” series creator and showrunner Liz Tigelaar and author Cheryl Strayed discuss the kismet of their collaboration and adapting the acclaimed book into a Hulu…

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New York Congressman George Santos has pleaded not guilty to 13 counts of financial crimes. He remains on the job for now, but faces decades in prison.

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This National Best Friends Day, celebrate friendship with deals for you and your purely platonic pal.

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Hello, LA bridesmaids! This wedding season, we want to know what you’re wearing, where you’re traveling, and how much you’re spending.

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You can easily order genetic tests online, but should you?

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As week three of the writer’s strike continues, other unions and guilds show solidarity while studios cut costs to see quarter stock increase.

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