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The lame duck Congress has until next week to prevent a government shutdown. At the moment, that sounds unlikely.

Will Washington Flirt with Disaster or Punt until Next Year?

The lame duck Congress has until next week to prevent a government shutdown. At the moment, that sounds unlikely.

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And more fallout from Jeffrey Epstein’s death

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The annual Iowa State Fair is known as the unofficial start to campaign season.

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Jet aircraft, carrier task forces and tanks consume vast amounts of fossil fuel--while emitting vast amounts of greenhouse gases. The Pentagon’s carbon footprint is bigger than those of many entire nations. Now, it’s caught in the middle. It’s a massive contributor to climate change, which is threatening its mission worldwide. Seaports and airstrips are being flooded or burned out, and restoring operations costs many millions of dollars. Meantime, environmental damage is leading to instability and the prospect of international violence. Water shortages have increased tensions in the Middle East and caused new hostilities between India and Pakistan, two nuclear powers. Russia and China are taking advantage of changing conditions. Will politicians who scorn environmentalists and mistrust climate scientists listen to the warnings of military leaders?

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The mysterious arrest of a Swedish data privacy activist with links to the WikiLeaks founder raises important questions about government surveillance.

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Last week's mass shooting in El Paso has been particularly painful for Angelenos, because so many have close ties to that city.

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Nearly 200 years ago, the Cherokee Nation signed a treaty with the United States. The result? They were forcibly removed from the Southeastern part of the U.S. to Oklahoma.

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This week, the political debate dominated political debate.

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From Richie Havens to Jimi Hendrix, photographer Henry Diltz recalls his favorite moments of the historic festival.

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Orange County Democrats are celebrating a victory that seemed almost impossible 10 years ago.

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