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Twentieth Anniversary of the LA Riots and Reform at the LAPD

Twentieth Anniversary of the LA Riots and Reform at the LAPD

Twentieth Anniversary of the LA Riots and Reform at the LAPD

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In this week’s installment of Scheer Intelligence, host Robert Scheer hears from Kiriakou the inside story of how the the program started as part of a cynical power struggle between…

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The Caldor Fire has burned more than 200,00 acres in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and 53,000 residents of South Lake Tahoe have evacuated.

from Press Play with Madeleine Brand

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the Guantánamo Bay detention center is still open, and 39 detainees are still in custody, down from a high of nearly…

from Press Play with Madeleine Brand

Hawaii is experiencing its highest number of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths since the pandemic began.

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If you live in California and care at all about a sudden change of leadership in this state, you’ll want to vote in the 2021 recall election.

Some UCLA faculty members have launched an initiative to place some Afghan scholars at UCLA. The plan will require raising $100,000 by September 30.

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The leading Republican candidate in the California recall election is trying to build a multi-ethnic coalition of voters — and overcome criticism for his views on race.

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California’s recall makes sense, but the electoral system as a whole needs reform, according to columnist Joe Matthews.

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Secretary of State Shirley Weber said the total cost of the special election could exceed $300 million.

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