Jack Foley


Professor Emeritus in Urban Recreation and at California State University Northridge, and President of People for Parks of Los Angeles

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The City of Los Angeles has a $49 million deficit this year alone.

City Prepares to Cut Budget for Recreation and Parks

The City of Los Angeles has a $49 million deficit this year alone.

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In less than a week from now, Disney and 20th Century-Fox will be one.

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A Boeing plane crashed minutes after taking off in Ethiopia this weekend. All 157 people onboard died in the crash.

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After 17 years, the U.S. is trying to negotiate its way out of Afghanistan. One partner in the search for peace is the Taliban, once an enemy in the “War on Terror.”

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“Leaving Neverland,” the documentary about two men who say they were sexually abused by Michael Jackson as kids, is raising questions about how children process sexual abuse.

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It may look like business as usual on a Friday night at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood. A lingerie-clad dancer shimmies up the pole, arches back, and drops to the floor.

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According to hundreds of text messages leaked to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros.

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President Trump said there is “warmth” between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, even though their summit was cut short with no deal.

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Democratic candidates are getting their days in the sun

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And minutes later, he’s indicted — this time, by the state of New York.

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