James Conlon

Music Director, Los Angeles Opera


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"Just Jazz" with LeRoy Downs. Downs' goal is to bring a varied sonic experience to jazz, while blending music, style, and culture.

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Featuring selections that range from carefully curated music from around the world with unique gems and quality tracks that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning music…

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“Soul Smile,” the latest from Londonite Yellow Days, is the compass that points to the auditory direction of his forthcoming EP.

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Raul Campos creates a mix of emerging artists and current favorites, bringing essential cuts from around the world and a little closer to home -- from soulful grooves and fresh remixes…

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New music. Emerging artists. No boundaries. Served fresh every weeknight, 8-10pm.


We keep spinning those anniversary requests from Stevie Wonder, Chromeo, and more. Plus, what’s our “find of the week?” Only one way to (ahem) find out…

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For good reason, other than the US, only one other country in the world allows drugs to be advertised directly to the public.

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New releases in all genres.

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Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled a new concealed carry bill this week, banning guns in public places. It’s a response to the latest California mass shootings.

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