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Holistic Veterinarian in Boulder, Colorado, her website is

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Two years ago, 75 dogs died from liver failure due to a fungus found on Diamond Pet Foods.

Pet Food-Related Deaths Higher than Reported by FDA

Two years ago, 75 dogs died from liver failure due to a fungus found on Diamond Pet Foods.

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Politicians normally go to Hollywood for money. Should Hollywood help them tell better stories instead?

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The House Judiciary Committee will vote this week to formalize impeachment investigation procedures

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When LA Times business columnist David Lazarus turned to antidepressants, he had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and struggled with sleep.  The pills helped.

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The state legislature has passed Assembly Bill 1482, which would cap rent increases for many buildings across the state at 5% annually. Governor Gavin Newsom said he will sign it.

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Nearly 200 years ago, the Cherokee Nation signed a treaty with the United States. The result? They were forcibly removed from the Southeastern part of the U.S. to Oklahoma.

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Scientists hope to reduce whale fatalities from ship collisions by using a new sound technology that detects when the endangered animals are present, and then alerts cargo ships to…

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Vaping-related lung illness is responsible for at least 6 deaths nationwide. But cannabis industry leaders say their products are not to blame.

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Mattel released its latest collector’s item on Thursday: a Dia de los Muertos themed Barbie .

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The race for the presidential nomination poses another stress test for the Democratic Party.

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