Jerome Klinkowitz

Professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa


Professor of English and University Distinguished Scholar at the University of Northern Iowa; friend of Kurt Vonnegut and a specialist in his work, his many books include Vonnegut in Fact and The Vonnegut Effect

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As the flap over  Don Imus  was reaching its peak this week, American novelist  Kurt Vonnegut  died at the age of 84.

Kurt Vonnegut Remembered

As the flap over Don Imus was reaching its peak this week, American novelist Kurt Vonnegut died at the age of 84.

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... there's a lot to discuss after last night's Democratic presidential debate.

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These are some interesting texts.

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Let’s talk about this letter from the White House, calling the “impeachment inquiry” illegitimate.

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Google says its translation service can't replace human translators, but U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services tell officers it's the most efficient tool to vet refugees.

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Greta Thunberg inspired Fridays for Future--school strikes around the world.  Were the leaders of major polluters paying attention? Not according to what they told the United Nations.

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For months, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resisted the mounting calls from her caucus to start impeachment proceedings.

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Today, on All The President’s Jawyers...

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P eople like Becky Dennison are working to address to one  of America’s most urgent crises with a straightforward approach.

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Jet aircraft, carrier task forces and tanks consume vast amounts of fossil fuel--while emitting vast amounts of greenhouse gases. The Pentagon’s carbon footprint is bigger than those of many entire nations. Now, it’s caught in the middle. It’s a massive contributor to climate change, which is threatening its mission worldwide. Seaports and airstrips are being flooded or burned out, and restoring operations costs many millions of dollars. Meantime, environmental damage is leading to instability and the prospect of international violence. Water shortages have increased tensions in the Middle East and caused new hostilities between India and Pakistan, two nuclear powers. Russia and China are taking advantage of changing conditions. Will politicians who scorn environmentalists and mistrust climate scientists listen to the warnings of military leaders?

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