Jerry Ryba

Voiceover agent at CESD


Voiceover agent at CESD, the largest commercial talent agency in the world

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We Give Voiceover the Once-Over; Emmy's New 'Burstyn' Rule

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Rita Dove’s new book of poetry, “Playlist for the Apocalypse,” goes in many different historical and personal directions.

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This week on The Treatment, Elvis welcomes back Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

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Netflix stock tanks after dismal subscriber numbers spook Wall Street

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Netflix is trying to reassert itself as a streaming giant, but it projects losing some 2 million subscribers over the next quarter.

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After pandemic delays, the new Tom Cruise film “Top Gun: Maverick” opens on May 27, and is expected to be a hit.

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Street vendors are an essential part of Los Angeles’ history and its economy.

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Nearly 50 Starbucks shops nationwide have voted to unionize this year. Now LA County’s Starbucks baristas are brewing up change.

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In her latest novel, Michelle Huneven writes about a search committee at an Altadena Unitarian Universalist Church who seeks a new minister.

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This week on The Treatment, Elvis welcomes back Emmy-winning actor Bill Hader, who is also the co-creator of the HBO series “Barry,” which has just returned for its third season.

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