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Governor Brown has called for a  25% reduction in water use  in California's urban areas.

More Cuts in Southern California's Water Supply

Governor Brown has called for a 25% reduction in water use in California's urban areas.

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State Senator Scot Wiener has received thousands of death threats over the last few years. He says there’s little security for the majority of Congress members.

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Though Disney+ has added 12 million subscribers, the company reports loss and weak Q4 profit outlook.

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With midterm elections only a few days away, panelists discuss some of the crucial races across the country, the effectiveness of national party messaging, and the rise of political…

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Experts say the best way to teach kids about the climate crisis without scaring them is to talk about it more, discourage doomscrolling, and find hope to share.

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Joe Mathews recently tried to catch the Expo Line train. But he still missed it in what he calls a maddening consequence of poor transportation planning.

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Every year, Angelenos transform their homes into spine-chilling Halloween displays. SoCal Haunt List catalogs hundreds you can visit for free — if you dare.

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Historian Joel Beinin uses his personal experiences to paint a picture of Israel, past and present, as a country and an idea.

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An American journalist says he was detained by security at a FIFA World Cup match in Qatar. He was wearing a shirt with a soccer ball surrounded by a rainbow.

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Proposition 31 aims to ban the sale of almost all flavored tobacco in cigarettes, vapes, and enhancers in California.

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