Joe Williams

Executive Director, Democrats for Education Reform


Executive Director of Democrats for Education Reform, a political-action committee working to get Democrats engaged in accountability-based reforms

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Democrats are sharply divided between school  "reformers" and so-called "traditionalists."

Can Obama's Education Chief Save the Nation's Schools?

Democrats are sharply divided between school  "reformers" and so-called "traditionalists."

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Community activists, entrepreneurs, and local politicians are keeping tabs on President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure spending plan that’s currently being debated on Capitol Hill.

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Legalizing the sale of cannabis in California has turned out to be a fruitful endeavor for the state thanks to taxes.

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After 15 months of the pandemic, the Golden State is no longer requiring capacity limits, masks, or social distancing in most places.

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The cost of living surged 5% last month, according to the Department of Labor. That’s the highest inflation rate we’ve seen in more than a decade.

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For most of American history, abortion has been legal, outlawed only from 1867 to 1973. Now the U.S. Supreme Court might outlaw it again by overturning Roe v. Wade.

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Last year, California passed legislation that requires the Office of the State Attorney General to investigate all police shootings that result in the death of an unarmed civilian.

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John Kiriakou, a CIA torture whistleblower, offers expert insight into Israel’s most recent attacks on the Palestinian territories on this week’s “Scheer Intelligence”

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Josh Barro and Ken White talk about the Department of Justice continuing to represent Trump in E. Jean Carroll’s suit, Rudy on tape, special mastering and more.

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Joe Mathews says that focusing on the state budget, when it appears in good shape, obscures California’s systemic failures.

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