John Steppling

'Phantom Luck'


American playwright

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John Steppling on theater, 'Fever Dreams'

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Elmore Leonard; John Steppling

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This week, a major art fair goes digital as widespread gallery closures affect our community.

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When the documentary/performance piece they institute caught the attention of Jason Segel, he decided to turn it into a shape shifting drama series about the need for community.

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Disney has announced that its Anaheim-based theme park will close from March 14 until the end of the month.

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Merry Norris, the private art consultant and longtime public advocate for art and architecture in Los Angeles, died Monday night from pneumonia at age 80. Frances Anderton pays tribute…

If you look closely enough at this seemingly idyllic stretch of road, nestled between a lake and a steep hillside in Northern California, you'll notice it's not so idyllic — at least…

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, TV production has almost entirely shut down.

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With restaurants, concert venues and bars closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, those who work in the hospitality and music industries won’t collect pay at the end of March.

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How you can help the music industry — and how the music industry can help each other. Here are some ways you can support artists while we cope with the societal changes of coronavirus.

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Following the cancelation of the music festival South by Southwest, other industry events are taking precautions.

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