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GRID Alternatives


Solar Installation Supervisor at GRID Alternatives

Jonathan Monge on KCRW

Solar panels are appearing on roofs all over the Southland. But who is installing them?

Volunteers Train for a Solar Future

Solar panels are appearing on roofs all over the Southland. But who is installing them?

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The science behind a recent report is not credible due to financial conflicts of interests by the funder.  Why were these conflicts not detected by the medical journal?

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Getting into character and scaring people silly is one of Campbell Harmon's favorite things in life.

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This weekend, the 48th annual Santa Barbara Old-Time Fiddlers’ Festival features performances, jam sessions, workshops, and competitions at the Stow House in Goleta.

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Almost a decade ago, Feras Fayyad was imprisoned and tortured by the Assad regime in Syria for filming anti-government protests. But after his release, he kept making documentaries.

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More adults are living with their parents now than they have in more than a century. It’s a third of all adults under 34. But in Los Angeles, it’s more than 40% .

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KCRW invites you to a special screening of Avengers Endgame featuring a special pre-film conversation with award winning composer Alan Silvestri and KCRW's Chris Douridas.

Sometimes the “inauthentic” can lead to delicious results. Just ask Ivan Orkin and Chris Ying about Japanese diner food. Chef Josef Centeno says Tex-Mex is premised on inauthenticity.

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A bone-chilling documentary about Roy Cohn, Donald Trump’s mentor, reveals the all-American evil that brought us modern-day politics.

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The best style is truly timeless.

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