Josh Baker

Art director of Taschen Books


Art director of Taschen Books, a publishing company based in Los Angeles

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Ebooks and the iPad: A Match for the Coffee Table Book

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Did you ever have a nerdy friend in high school?

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Why does an architect have to be like a “camel in the desert?” Daniel Libeskind explains why in a conversation about his new book “Edge of Order.”

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See art take over the Lovell House; celebrate the people and spaces of old Hollywood Park; help save the very un-Soviet styled Melnikov House; hear about "crazy creative" Asian…

The Staples Center hosted a memorial for Lakers star Kobe Bryant. It featured music from Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, and speeches from Vanessa Bryant and Michael Jordan.

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A new screen version of "The Call of the Wild" is calling to us; it's the Jack London story of a California dog named buck who goes native in the Yukon of the Gold Rush days.

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February 24 will be the memorial for Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center. The event is restricted to ticket holders who snagged one of the 20,000 seats.

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On February 25, 1970, young protestors stormed the Bank of America building in the UCSB-adjacent community of Isla Vista and set it on fire.

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California’s primary election has moved up from June to March. But that’s not the only change in store as voters in Los Angeles County head to the polls.

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This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot I reveal what a friend of mine confessed to me years ago.

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