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Pope Frances has praised Father Junípero Serra as "the evangelizer of the West."

Was Father Serra a Saint or a Sinner?

Pope Frances has praised Father Junípero Serra as "the evangelizer of the West."

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It could take weeks to get official results of the midterms. KCRW looks at where candidates stand in key California House races, and the battles for LA’s next mayor and sheriff.

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Nearly 50,000 academic workers from the University of California are on strike. They want more than double their salaries, plus subsidies for housing, child care, and transportation.

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Restaurant and coffee shop owners are aware they are often seen as gentrifiers. Some are taking steps to avoid behaviors that can accelerate displacement.

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About 10% of the water shuttled through the LA Aqueduct gets lost to evaporation. To stop it, LA DWP wants to cover some of those miles of water with solar panels.

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Panelists discuss the current state of Russia’s war against Ukraine, how democracy is shifting across the globe, and the legacy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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LAHSA’s “reimagined” winter shelter program provides both beds and motel vouchers to unhoused Angelenos looking to stay warm.

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The holidays are a time to be thankful for friends, family, and good health. Three Angelenos share their most unforgettable tales.

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How Democrats, their pro-war Republican cohorts and the media canceled the U.S. Senate campaign of ex Marine and US foreign policy official Matthew Hoh.

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LA City Councilmember-elect Hugo Soto-Martinez credits his South LA-based upbringing, union organizing, and time studying criminology at UC Irvine for giving him a different…

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