Julian Do

Southern California Director, New America Media


Southern California Director for New America Media, a national association of ethnic media, and project director for LA Beez, a web portal for hyperlocal news about ethnic communities in Los Angeles, California

Julian Do on KCRW

The Santa Monica Outlook closed ten years ago after serving the city for a hundred years.

Hyperlocal Reporting in Southern California

The Santa Monica Outlook closed ten years ago after serving the city for a hundred years.

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Scammers are posing as recruiters and hiring managers, holding interviews, and making offers. Prospective tech workers are the main victims now, but everyone is vulnerable.

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Unable to develop the land, the Bruce family decided to sell Bruce’s Beach back to LA County for $20 million. KCRW speaks to the attorney representing the family.

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LA’s annual homeless count determines how resources get distributed to the region’s unhoused residents.

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California is home to the world’s most breathtaking places. But Zocalo Columnist Joe Mathews says its nature also makes it a challenging place to live.

By a quirk of redistricting, no one who lives in Monterey represents the county in Sacramento. Commentator Joe Mathews says that’s evidence our districts are way too big.

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Panelists discuss the imminent end of a policy that turns away asylum seekers, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s plea to Congress, and what Elon Musk’s decision with Twitter…

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Repairing the Whittier Narrows Dam was reclassified in 2016 from “high urgency” to “very high urgency” by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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Greater LA’s special series, “Born & Razed,” closely looks at changing neighborhoods across Southern California. This rebroadcast of episode two focuses on Oxnard.

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Panelists discuss recent mass shootings in California, Florida’s ban of a high school Advanced Placement course on African American studies, and relating to people with different…

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